Natomas Mutual Water Company (NMWC) is responsible for providing water to irrigate nearly 25,000 acres in the Natomas Basin.  Since 1998, LWA’s principal, Scott Brown, has provided planning, engineering, program management and grant administration support for over $50 million of irrigation infrastructure improvements. 

LWA continues to provide program management and grant administration support for the American Basin Fish Screen Project, which included construction of the new Sankey Diversion (2012) and reconstruction of the Pritchard Lake Diversion (2015).  The Project is now focusing on reconstructing the Riverside Diversion and Elkhorn Diversion. 

LWA provides support for the NMWC's canal modernization and SCADA program.  LWA is responsibilities include planning and developing the projects within the program, securing agricultural water use and energy efficiency grants, designing facility reconstruction/improvement projects and overseeing construction and SCADA integration.  LWA has helped the company secure nearly $3.7 million in grant funding for the program which has been leverage to provide $5.1 million towards SCADA and monitoring equipment, flow measurement devices, gate automation, upgraded motor controls and new tailwater recirculation improvements.