Since 2016, LWA has provided project management support and consulting services to Reclamation District No. 2140 (RD 2140). Located in Hamilton City, RD 2140, with support from LWA has been successful in acquiring funding for O&M efforts for a newly US Army Corps Engineer (USACE) constructed Levee system. In order to provide required assurances to the Army Corps, LWA worked with RD 2140 to establish a new benefit assessment that provides funding for long term operation and maintenance on the levee. The effort required compliance with proposition 218 and as such, LWA was responsible for the preparation of the required Engineer’s Report, the property owner ballot proceedings, and the required local agency legislative process. 

LWA is also currently providing support with the Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project. The project consists of the replacement of an existing private levee with a new 6.8-mile reach of setback levee along the Sacramento River. This setback levee provides increased flood protection to nearly 3,700 acres including the town of Hamilton City with a population of approximately 2,070 residents. It also includes the restoration of nearly 1,360 acres of floodplain created by the new setback levee.

Under the agreed upon contract, LWA serves as the RD’s Engineer as well as the non-Federal sponsor’s representative to the USACE for design and construction of the $91 million Hamilton City. LWA is also providing project management services for coordination efforts with all corresponding utility companies. LWA’s financial support team administers the RD’s funding agreements, which includes leading and coordinating the development of all required quarterly reporting documents and payment requests in order to receive previously secured funding from the Department of Water Resources (DWR).