Natomas Levee Improvement Program in Sacramento, CA. LWA staff was part of the SAFCA management team that helped construct over 18 miles of levee improvements in the Natomas Basin.  LWA has helped manage a multi-disciplinary consultant team to ensure flood control improvements were designed to meet State and federal standards. LWA’s team helped SAFCA navigate the complex regulatory environment to ensure the project’s ultimate construction. LWA’s work completed on behalf of SAFCA includes: managing the State grants, maintaining the program schedule, tracking NEPA/CEQA compliance, securing State and federal permits, advancing engineering design, tracking real estate acquisition and construction activities.

LWA’s specialized financial management support assists the agency’s preparation of annual budgets and program cost estimates. The firm’s principals have led the development of SAFCA’s DWR funding agreement applications and helped provide Bond financing support for Sacramento County and SAFCA. They lead efforts to secure payments from the State during program implementation and the tracking of investments made from SAFCA’s Consolidated Capital Assessment District.

LWA has also assisted with the establishment of SAFCA’s Natomas Basin Levee Assessment District by leading an effort to coordinate multiple engineering firms, environmental consultants and staff to prepare an updated 200-year program cost estimate.  The firm’s principals and staff supported the outreach and Assessment District formation efforts.

In 2007, LWA’s principals worked with the SAFCA’s consulting team to help establish three funding mechanisms for capital improvements to the levee systems protecting Sacramento and the surrounding area.  They assisted with the formation of the original Consolidate Capital Assessment District, which was approved by property owners in 2007, the Capital Consolidated Assessment District #2 (2016), as well as SAFCA’s Development Impact Fee program. The Development Impact Fee covers the City of Sacramento, as well as portions of unincorporated Sacramento and Sutter counties.  Seth Wurzel prepared the original nexus study for the fee program and worked to put in place collection agreements with all three land use jurisdictions.  Finally, LWA principals also helped model the job creation impacts of the flood control improvements to aid SAFCA in obtaining federal appropriations for its projects.

LWA continues to administer multiple funding with DWR and support SAFCA with managing projects funded by their Assessment Districts.