LWA is currently engaged by SBFCA as a contract agency staff.  LWA’s team serves as the agency’s Budget Manager, in charge of developing and administering SBFCA’s operating and capital budget and debt financing. In this role, LWA staff have developed a cost tracking system geared toward administering the Agency’s EIP funding efforts.  LWA staff work closely with all Agency staff and the City of Yuba City to administer all aspects of the Agency’s finances. LWA principles regularly reports to the Agency’s board of directors. LWA also administers all of the Agency’s funding agreements, which includes preparing all required quarterly reporting documents to receive funding from Department of Water Resources (DWR).

The financial and project management services provided by LWA include, auditing and processing consultant invoices, tracking and forecasting costs through project specific developed cash flow models, and administering various funding agreements to obtain State Funding. LWA’s project support on behalf of SBFCA include both State and Federal led projects.

LWA continues to work closely with SBFCA to advance current and future projects by securing and overseeing required capital for improving and implementing flood control systems and maintaining and operating efforts.