LWA is currently engaged by SBFCA as contract agency staff.  Seth Wurzel serves as the agency’s Budget Manager, in charge of developing and administering the agency’s budget and debt financing. LWA provides comprehensive financial management of all SBFCA activities including accounts payable processing, grant administration, cash flow and budget management, and audit management.  In this role, LWA staff has developed a cost tracking system geared toward administering the all of the Agency’s grant funded programs.  LWA staff works closely with the Agency’s management and the City of Yuba City to administer all aspects of the Agency’s finances.  Seth regularly reports to the Agency’s board of directors to provide financial status updates. LWA’s grant management efforts include assisting with the preparation of grant applications that have garnered more than $200 million of funding for the Agency.  LWA also administers all of the Agency’s grants which includes preparing all required reporting documents to receiving funding from DWR through several different grant programs and the preparation of grant program closeout documentation.  LWA also assists the Agency with the preparation of its Adequate Progress Urban Level of Protection reports in order to ensure that SBFCA’s affected land use member agencies can make findings of adequate progress toward the required urban level of flood protection.