Since 2007,  LWA has worked with WSAFCA and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to facilitate the advancement of the West Sacramento Levee Improvement Program (WSLIP). The WSLIP is an approximately 50 mile perimeter levee system implementation protecting the City of West Sacramento. The Firm’s principles have directed a multi-disciplinary consultant team  to ensure flood control improvements were designed to meet all State and federal standards. LWA’s work completed on behalf of WSAFCA includes participating on the flood policy and strategy team, securing State funding, developing and managing the program schedule, tracking NEPA/CEQA compliance, securing State and federal permitting, coordinating and directing engineering design, managing  the independent technical review panel, and tracking real estate acquisition and construction activities.

In partnership with WSAFCA, the LWA management team and staff have successfully secured State funding of approximately $185 million. Through innovative contracting strategies, LWA has helped to maximize State matching funds for WSAFCA and has assisted in securing a 90% State cost share for the flood risk reduction improvements in the Northern portion of the City.

The firm’s principles and support staff have worked with WSAFCA to develop effective finance mechanisms to secure funding for levee improvements and long-term enhanced maintenance and operation efforts. WSAFCA sought the assistance and expertise of the LWA’s principles to support a team of consultants in efforts of establishing an assessment district, which successfully passed a property owner election in July 2007,  as well as an In-Lieu Development Fee for flood control improvements. The LWA management team worked with the City of West Sacramento and WSAFCA staff and consultants to set the In-Lieu Development Fee amounts, prepare the Nexus Study, and develop a pro forma cash flow analysis to model the revenues generated by the assessment district and development fees.

As an extension of the Agency, LWA provides support for the flood policy and strategy, planning and implementation of WSAFCA’s Southport project. The Southport project is a 6 mile perimeter levee improvement project that includes approximately 4 miles of setback levee. LWA closely worked with the City of West Sacramento and WSAFCA management teams on developing a strategy and implementation plan that supported the City of West Sacramento in making a finding of Adequate Progress toward a 200-year level of urban flood protection as required by State law. LWA provided strategic guidance and implementation support in developing of the City of West Sacramento’s Urban Level of Protection (ULOP) findings report and developed the ULOP Financial Plan.

LWA continues its ongoing partnership with WSAFCA and currently leads efforts to administer cash flow models, assist with the development of bonding strategies, and evaluate ongoing funding capacity assessment during project implementation. LWA manages and processes various funding agreements with DWR and is also currently working in securing State funding for additional projects for the Agency.